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    BESPOKE simply means:

    Custom made; commissioned to a particular specification

    *Pictures are for reference only

    Welcome to this page! This specialization we have here, is definitely what you’re looking for. Want to send something that is not the usual bouquet?

    The Bespoke Arrangement series is something out of the ordinary where we style, pick the right seasonal blooms and craft them specially.

    With our Bespoke series, that wowing factor is definitely much more memorable and meaningful.

    The bespoke series is made to order and specially crafted just for you. Pick your range of hues and packaging style in a vase, basket or box style.

    Let us customize according to your budget, liking and preferences.

    Happy Shopping!

    * Flowers are subjected to seasonality.

    *our most popular of Bespoke Arrangement is at S$350 – just to recommend !



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    Floral Colour

    Exotics and Wildflowers, Minimalist White, Natural White and Green, Passionate Reds, Royal Purple and Violet-Blues, Soft Pastels, Vibrant, Cheerful Mix

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