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Etourdissant Cartier at National Gallery Singapore


There are four components, and they are simple briefs that it has to be a show stopper!

The project we took on was more than an adventure I must say. This time, we had the best opportunity to work along side with celebrity guest chef, Mr.Andre Chiang at the gala dinner. Nonetheless, whichever Chefs out there in the world that are truly passionate; dictates a very strong statement of how their food has to represent everything. Of course, the food and the decorations are all together as important.

It was far more than just being excited over, it was a challenge that it’s beyond.

Organic forms are strongly represented.

Materials : tree barks, tree branches , succulent plants and driftwood.

We sourced and hunted down the most unusual tree barks, branches that are totally grown in their free forms. They have to look, appear strong and resilient. Succulents of 800 were all imported and hand picked individually. Of course, the star of this project is none other than the driftwoods.

Now, when we talk about them, the challenge of these pieces are absolutely individualistic! Every single piece is different, organic and beautiful.

etourdissant cartier dinner 26 + 27 june, 2015


The other display area was completely another story altogether. Only white elements and greens were the main feature where the second floor of the gallery is. Right where the guests will be greeted and that perfect photo booth of 400 stalks of classic white Phaleanopsis and amaranthus.

Next, a cluster of large white and green series making their appearance right at the staircase landing. Was absolutely stunning when the beauty of whites and greens are madly flaunted.

Everything was dressed up as how it turned out to be.

Preparation work of 10 days was definitely worth it all!

Absolutely, satisfaction achieved!

With flowery love,