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One Olive

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An artisanal floral boutique started in 2009, One Olive specializes in bespoke floral arrangement services, as well as styling and conceptualizing events and weddings.

Truly an advocate for “au naturale” mode in our senses, we are passionate in adopting contemporary techniques and modern styling of floral pieces. Hence, a lifestyle boutique which extends from our own love for nature and for all things quaint.  

We are nestled in the quaint neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru and it is a restful oasis infused with natural greenery.Look through our vintage wares and mini potted greens, as well as an array of handmade decorative vases that creates its own form of beauty.

A stylishly designed floral art piece is a breathing living sculpture and we stand in awe of its beauty.


A team of Floral Artisans that passionately enjoys the beauty of nature. With a Masters in Floral Design from Holland and an Environmental Designer, we seek to create and present to you the sophistication of flowers. One Olive brings forth the extreme simplicity of the nudeness of flowers.


Creative Head

Trained in La Salle College of Arts with a Diploma in Fashion Design and a Master course in Dutch floral design (MDFD) from Boerma Institute in Holland, Amy enjoys the world of floral design and the perfect world of floristry. She takes cues from nature and creates works that reflect her design aesthetics.

As a floral designer, inspiration is everywhere, drawn from music, colors, fashion, food and travels. Amy creates designs that allows the already beautiful

flowers to shine and simply sing. She also transforms drab venues dramatically with lush floral styling.

Amy believes that by allowing flowers to flaunt their texture, composition and details, it is showing respect to every flower grower for painstakingly growing every single bud. In her free time, Amy enjoys cooking, traveling and pampering her three furry dolls and Madame Sunday. Follow Amy on her journey in life @threejournal on Instagram.


Project Stylist

Niki’s love for nature is inspired by her parents since a young age. With her background in 3D Studies in product & environment design and Graphic Design, she immersed herself in the world of floral art. Niki enjoys playing around with shapes, textures, materials and colors to create works that are one of a kind.

Crafting sculptural installations are Niki’s strengths and her free-spirited nature has allowed her works to stand out aesthetically. Niki loves being in the outdoors, immersing herself in the beauty of nature and being surrounded by greens.



Named after the day of the week that she was adopted, Sunday is a playful and very vocal little cat. She enjoys taking cat naps throughout the day and changes her sleeping spot around the shop, all the time. Spot Sunday in the floral fridge from time to time, as she loves being in the cold.

Her character is incomparable to her small size as she trots around the shop, like a boss. Remember not to let Sunday out when you come and visit her at the shop! For more pictures of Sunday, check out @sundaylechat on Instagram.