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bridal flowers


Always been challenging when designing bespoke Bridal flowers with different themes. The best part, is every bride that comes to us never have the same Bouquet. Sitting down to talk about your wedding theme is a process what we love in One Olive, we talk about your plannings, wedding theme, inspirational references and dream style of your bridal bouquet. Then, usually a gentle reminder from us not to forget the wedding entourage i.e. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, dear grandparents, family members, Bridal car decoration, etc…

They too, are as important !

Another word from us, is that after much discussion; you will not know your actual day Bouquet style until the very day! We love how clients entrust us! Absolutely awesome, I must say!

We have designed a few Bridal packages in store that caters to all of your Bridal flowers needs. You would not want to leave anything “undecorated” on your big day!

Wrist flowers, definitely the “chic” style for your bridesmaids and the Bridal entourage.

Whites or Blanc… always the most classic and best hue on any decorations and we strongly recommend them for your Bridal flowers theme. One tip here, is when you start to browse your wedding albums ten years down the road; they still look awesomely timeless!

One of my favorites and definitely pairing them with greens and I literally mean all different shades of green.

I love how colors, textures and shapes comes together especially when selecting fresh seasonal flowers for our brides.

Every wedding planning truly takes up a whole lot of time and effort. In life, there’s never ever enough time for all. But what makes the best out of it at the end, you had a wonderful time planning and all the lovely memories are nevertheless captured beautifully!
Let’s toast to a blissful wedding!

With flowery love,