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#lovelife Having a well balanced life and it's all that matters. Keeping it cool and we always go for that satisfactory sense. I guess we don't ask for too much but balancing it with love and passion in our lives and feel how truly blessed we are each and everyday! Just had a great fiesta on a road traveling experience. This time bound for Gold Coast and yes, I see another side of this beautiful country Australia. Every travels, I try to seek as much rawness and naturalness. It's always nevertheless refreshing and inspiring.

#oneolivepopup #oneoliveworkshops    This is our second collaboration of pop up with a local departmental store, TANGS. It is rather exciting when it comes to showcasing your work and style to a totally different group of clienteles.  Somehow, there's a certain expectation we want to keep to, and your head go rantling on and on with "that's your branch store and we have to be very careful about..."! 

language of love  #oneoliveweddings #wongderfulwedding This wedding that we have decorated truly means a lot to us.( us as in being bosses aka friends)! Having this great and blessed opportunity to dress up your co worker Clara’s wedding is nothing but an inspiring one!  Of course, we stick...

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece"

-Claude Monet 

Over the weekend, we conducted our first ever floral x art jam workshop!

Participants were able to learn how to craft their own bouquet with a variety of flowers, and the techniques to paint florals on canvas.

Our two instructors, Amy and Cleo imparted valuable skills to the participants as they picked up new knowledge on the two different forms of art.