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Love Life + Keep Cool


Having a well balanced life and it’s all that matters.

Keeping it cool and we always go for that satisfactory sense. I guess we don’t ask for too much but balancing it with love and passion in our lives and feel how truly blessed we are each and everyday!

Just had a great fiesta on a road traveling experience. This time bound for Gold Coast and yes, I see another side of this beautiful country Australia. Every travels, I try to seek as much rawness and naturalness. It’s always nevertheless refreshing and inspiring.

How nature surrounds us daily? Quite a habitual part of me during my travels, plucked a beautiful sprig of Spirae and simply plonk into a drinking glass in my hotel room. That’s how beautiful when you wake up in the morning with an instant greet of freshness.


Mulberries… Love love love!

One of our best airbnb stay in Brisbane and how close we are with nature. Was a lovely stay and how unforgettable it was! Thank God for Airbnb and you’ll get to truly experience during your vacation.

Farmers market, antiques shopping and tasting fresh savory local produce are simply the best for my travels. Truly heartwarming and inspiring.

Picking fresh strawberries! How’s that? Simply love it when they are uber fresh and juicy. So, always pick the right season during your planning of vacations. Bet you feel much more satisfied when these are the most perfect and memorable experiences even with your traveling companions.

Much said, I reckon it’s not senseless to go different places whenever there’s time for vacay. Well, try not going repeated destinations and look out for more interesting and inspiring travel experiences.

We had a great time watching uber gigantic Humpback Whales! It took my breath away and with seriousness, I don’t even have the time to shoot any of these beauties simply because you have to remember that moment in your head. It was the BEST  moment of my life! Wild dolphins watching (while I teared cos it’s majestically beautiful), meeting and hugging Mister Koala, the serenity of Kangaroos lounging around, fabulous freshness of food, big juicy fruits, Aussie bacon… I say it all!

What’s the next inspiring one?

That’s how I love life cos we don’t think nor plan too much, and that’s how our adaptation in our floral styling as well. Take it naturally and let it flow.

And that, it is always evolving, unique and non restraining.

Toast to more travels!

With flowery love,