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Floral x Art Jam Workshop!

floral art jam workshop


Ever looked at gorgeous florals and wished that you could immortalise it forever? With modern technology, photography is the most common way to record life’s bits and pieces but capturing the beauty of nature in vibrant acrylics is a great way to showcase the florals.

There are so many styles and approaches to painting. Especially when it comes to flowers, there are a variety of breeds and so many ways to put them together. Whether you prefer the rustic, wild look or modern, clean look, there are infinite possibilities to paint them. Add in your own flair and groove and the potential is endless.

For the untrained, it can be daunting to embark on a project like this without proper guidance. It will be good to start by learning the basic techniques and then from there, start to develop your own touch and style.

Give your florals texture, learn to paint the branches, stems and leaves of your own creation. Pick up techniques on how to paint shadows and light to create different dimensions and depth in your painting. Slowly learn how to bring colour, composition and essential techniques together to create an amazing acrylic work of art.


Planning your painting before you start, is this necessary? Ultimately, the extent to which you plan out your painting depends on your own personality. Some find it essential to plan beforehand but others find it a hindrance and that it might hinder their creativity. But no matter how your planning is like, there are several factors that have you have to decide on before you start.

  1. What are you going to paint? (the subject)
  2. What format is the painting going to be (landscape or portrait)
  3. What size and type of support are you going to use?
  4. What medium and techniques are you going to use?
  5. What colours and tones do you prefer?


Once you have all these details decided, it will make the rest of your painting process much clearer! The next few steps to take will again be according to your preference and workflow. You can choose to briefly sketch out the composition on a canvas, then develop it over time. Or do a more detailed drawing before painting it out. The best part is, there is no right or wrong in art! Ultimately, find out what is best for you!